BGS Services


Risk Assessments

All services begin with a detailed risk assessment and mission planning process.  BGS' methodology relies first upon the client’s needs. Next, BGS completes a full threat assessment, both external and internal.  These two factors drive the development of the most effective, holistic security plan.

Operational Support

BGS will provide consolidated security solutions that integrate advanced  programs, state-of-the-art military facilities, and cutting edge equipment for elite clients worldwide. BGS provides holistic solutions and outstanding  support throughout the life cycle of the solution.

Training Services

BGS provides a wide range of advanced training programs.  The BGS training methodology allows for tailored training for specific unit needs while maintaining a high standard of  training. Every training requirement is different, so BGS works with its clients to understand their objectives and develop solutions that accommodate their force structure, capabilities, equipment, and budget.

U.S. Government Contracting

BGS is expereinced and certified in all aspects of U.S. Government contracting.  BGS can provide consultancy, support, or training to facilitate participation in U.S. Government contracting opportunities.